Building a Home Studio around $500 might not get you enough equipment needed for the job. Sometimes you need more stuff to help you around in your home studio or to improve your recording/mixing experience. Keep reading until the end because the best things comes last!

SanDisk Ultra Fit CZ43 64GB USB 3.0
Hi-Speed ​​USB Memory Stick

Although the USB Memory Stick is a fairly common accessory in a home recording studio, you need to take into consideration the possibility that Hi-Speed ​​USB Memory Hi-Speed Sticks can be used for back or even to carry all your home studio data on it: studio-on-a-stick. You can store all your VSTs on it, instrumentals or things that you do not wish to leave in the studio computer. Basically, you have the entire collection (with very few exceptions) of VST’s and sequencer on a stick that moves really fast. SanDisk Ultra Fit CZ43 64GB USB 3.0 stick is able to run multi-track (besides Reaper and VST’s directly from it), though still limited to 6-8 channels to write speed. That’s pretty good for a stick, right?

A simple blanket

Any blanket or quilt with thick polyester filling is the perfect mobile acoustic treatment method for your home studio and perfectly at hand. It can always be hang on the walls of a room with acoustic that are too “alive”, or put in a corner to form an improvised “vocal booth”. And if you are too tired from long hours of recording, it can be used to cover you while you take a nap!

Microphone stand accessories

From the series “small but useful things that can be bought in a home studio” here comes the headphone extension (eg Stedman SHH) and one for the score (Stedman PC1). You will not be interfered by easily collapsing scores or by headphones that fall from mic stands

cable tester

Cable Tester

Something is broke and it’s hard to find the cause: effects processor, preamp, sound card, etc.! … Besides the rigorous verification of possible power supply problems and the correct signal routing it’s better to check the cables for faulty wiring. For example, Behringer offers a very handy option for testing the possible faulty wiring – simply insert the plug into sockets and test it in order to find where is the interruption of the signal. Problem solved.


One of the easiest ways to improve your workflow and make it really cool to work with is the purchase of certain DAW controllers. It will make the mixing experience more tactile.

PreSonus FaderPort

Presonus Faderport provides a great way to get away from the mouse when mixing your stuff. This controller is plug-and-play with a large number of DAWs and you can integrate it easily in any setup. It relieves tendonitis of using the right hand far too accustomed to the mouse. Another cool thing is that on-the-fly settings are more pleasant and creative when you keep your hand on a fader.

Iff the audio interface does not feature a volume control, a passive volume controller like M-Patch iNano may be just what you need. It features a mute button and a large volume knob, all at hand to be pressed instantly.

Zoom H2 Handy Portable Stereo Recorder.

Portable Recorder

You need a door creak sound for your recordings, but the door is at a distance greater than any of your XLR cables can reach. You thought it would be a good idea to record a rehearsal of the band in order to get an idea of overall performance or to make a point to sound engineer when recording in a studio. You need two additional channels of input A / D or stereo pair of camera microphones? You want to have an amazing recorder around for times when inspiration hits you? These are enough reasons to buy Zoom H2 Handy Portable Stereo Recorder.


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