Ever since recording equipment got so affordable, a lot of people are spending large amounts of money on microphones, interfaces and audio devices. The microphone is one of the most important pieces of equipment in any recording setup and you need to establish few things before buying one from your local store or your favorite online shop. I always advice my friends to think at these three factors when they decide to get a budget mic: the purpose, the setup and the budget. You can buy a microphone for $10 or you can get one for $1,000. Why pay more when you need an entry-level mic for your project? These are the best budget mics under $50 that are suited for recording vocals.

Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB

Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone

In the line of budget mics we find the USB ATR2500 mic that has just enough features to be on top of the list. Audio Technica is building great audio studio equipment for some time, and they made no cut back on quality with this mic. The ATR2500 features high-quality Audio-Digital convertor with 16 bit, 44.1/48 kHz sampling rate. On the the front face of the mic you will notice the built-in headphone jack, the volume control and a control light. This Side-address USB condenser microphone allows direct monitoring with 0 delay. According to the reviews, the mic captures noise-free vocals and it works great with any Windows or Mac laptop. The body of this mic is made of durable grey metal. In the box you will find the mount stand, the tripod desk stand and the mini USB cables. ATR2500-USB is the perfect solution for podcasting, voiceover projects and home recording studios. What’s cool about this mic is that you don’t need to buy additional equipment like an audio interface or a preamp. All you have to do is plug it in and you’re good to go!

Behringer C-1 Studio

Behringer C-1 Studio Condenser Microphone

If we are to believe all the 141 reviews on Amazon, we can conclude that this mic is outstanding in every way. Of course, there are mics better than this mic, but for $50 you won’t find anything better. The manufacturer says that the C-1 is designer to capture your vocals with incredible realism, sensitivity and accuracy. The body is made of durable metal, the mic features a gold-plated XLR output connector for the best signal quality, a Swivel stand mount and a foam-padded carrying case. In order to get a clear idea about this condenser microphone, you need to read some of the reviews. It’s “the best bang for the buck!”. I didn’t placed this mic on top of the list because in order record anything with it, you need additional equipment like a preamp with Phantom Power or an audio interface.

Nady SCM-800 Large Diaphragm Recording microphone

Nady SCM-800 Large Diaphragm Recording Microphone

While I was reading some of the reviews for this mic, I saw a phrase that could very well define the SCM-800 perfectly: “So much more than the price tag suggests”. I’m sure that there are experienced musicians out there who will say a $42 mic is worthless if you plan to get into music business. Maybe they are right, but for low-budget entry-level projects, this mic is just perfect. The SCM-800 features a high SPL capacity, FET preamps and large-diaphragm true condenser design. If you record with this mic you will notice that it has a low noise and a high-dynamic-range output.


If you plan to test your vocal skills in a podcasting project or a music project, any of these mics are perfectly for the job. Don’t get carried away by all the tutorials on the Internet. If you need a budget mic for a one time job or for a demo you’ll be just fine with a $50 budget. Why spend all that money on a expensive microphone when you can get a decent mic for less money?

What’s your favorite budget mic under $50?


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