These days, most musicians make music on their laptops, so there is nothing new about creating beats or recording vocals while you’re on the go. But if you really want to go the extra mile, you can install few music apps on your iPhone that will allow you to make music like a pro directly from your smartphone. Some of these music making apps are not free, and some of them will drain your battery pretty fast because they have powerful engines to process the sounds. Even so, they will bring the power of a real music software under the power of your fingertips. Drums, recording apps, guitars and effects. These are the best apps for making music on your iPhone.

FL Studio for iPhone

FL Studio
FL STUDIO is probably the most complex music making software that you will find, and this is the mobile version of it. Although it’s not that cheap, it allows you to make music just like a pro, creating your instrumentals from scratch. It has multiple sounds (drums, guitars, bass, leads) and it allows you to export songs directly into WAV format. This is the complete software you need to create your own beats!

Drum Meister Pro Lite

Drum Meister Pro Lite/Drum Meister Grand
Do you plan to be a drummer? This app allows you to play drums using 4 different drum kits, you can arrange drum components as you see fit, you can record your beats and you can use the 3-D Positioning sounds to make your beats even better.


This app allows you to make cool beats and tunes using your fingers and your imagination. Nothing easier…

Multitrack Daw

MultiTrack Daw
This music app allows you to record up to 8 stereo audio tracks (upgradable to 24) in 24 bit / 96kHz format. You can add Compressor and Eq on every track, and you can also add reverb and stereo delay as bus effects.

Loop Twister for iPhone

Loop Twister for iPhone
This app is more a mixing app than a music making app, and it’s the perfect tool for any DJ. Take it for a ride and you will find yourself entraped in the magical world of musical effects and loops.

Real Guitar for iPhone

Real Guitar for iPhone
There is no instrument like a guitar, and most summer love stories have at least a guitar song in the background. This app allows you to play a virtual guitar and create your own guitar songs. On the version I’m using, there is no record function, but I hope the developers will implement it in future upgrades.

Figure for iPhone

Figure for iPhone
As far as I’ve tested it, this music app for iPhone allows you to create electronic music using different tweaks and sounds. It has audiobus support, so you can connect it to other apps.

In order to make music on your iPhone from scratch, first you need to create an instrumental, then you need to export it as WAV file. Open a multi-track recorder app, and import the instrumental, then record your vocals. Try to add effects on the vocal tracks (if the app allows it) and you’re done.


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  1. I like real guitar for iPhone and used this app when i don’t have any guitar. This was really awesome sound..

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