Although in the last months I’ve recommended a lot of items that can be acquired in order to build a home recording studio, they are merely the core of it. Buying the proper recording equipment is not enough. If you want to create a complete studio, you need to get your hands on various accessories that will make the difference between a portable rookie studio and a real home studio.

Voltage stabilizer/regulator

This device is an electric control tool that stabilizes the electricity to a safe voltage, protecting the electrical equipment and appliances against voltage fluctuations that can induce a partial or total malfunction of the equipment connected to AC power distribution line. The stabilizer is really important, and it should be chosen after strict calculation of the consumption of appliances in your home studio. The voltage stabilizer protects your entire studio equipment from voltage fluctuations that may occur in the electrical network. The device will not help you make better music, but it can help you make music in a safer environment. I know stories about voltage fluctuations that have destroyed hard-disks that contained projects of an entire year’s work. It’s better to be safe than sorry…

Many stabilizers comes with a uninterruptible power supply that adds even more safety on your recording sessions. If the electric power is off for just 2 seconds, you will lose the unsaved sessions and your equipment could get affected in the process. With the uninterruptible power supply you will have enough time to shut down everything in the proper manner in case of electrical power failure.

Okay, let’s get to the rest of the list. I will not get too descriptive since most of the items I’m about to enumerate are pretty common and you already know their purpose.

Useful accessories for a home recording studio

  • Ergonomic chair for the sound engineer. You will sit for a long time in the studio, so you’ll need to be as comfortable as possible
  • DI box or DI unit – the direct interface that levels the signals
  • Spare cables
  • Plugs adapters required for any combination of cables
  • Stands for instruments
  • Stand for music sheet and microphones
  • Supports for monitors and speakers
  • Racks or cabinets for small tools ( microphones , headphones , cables, connectors , etc. )
  • Various tools: soldering iron , solder , rosin and solder paste
  • Support for the mixing table
  • External HDD / SSD for backup purposes
  • USB Memory Stick
  • Stand for headphones when not in use
  • Hard case for microphones, headphones, and other fragile things
  • Shock mount , pop filter for microphone
  • CDs and blank DVDs
  • Guitar : feathers, strap, spare batteries, tunner, spare strings, string lubricant
  • Cabinet for various tools: pliers , soldering iron, tweezers, brush cutter, multimeter plugs, batteries, insulating tape, screwdrivers , etc. .
  • Extension for power supply
  • Nice lighting
  • Recording lights / studio light signal

If I forgot something, do not hesitate to write to me in the comments and I will add it to the list. Let me know if this  list helped you in any way or if you have questions regarding additional equipment needed for a home studio. I’d like to help you in any way I can…


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